jGun FLIP Torque Gun

Run in High Speed mode even with reaction arms and other accessories attached to the gun.

Torque All-In-One

The ultimate in convenience and efficiency. The Flip Gun allows the user to rundown bolts at impact gun speeds, then apply an accurate and even final torque with a quick flip of the arm. Any other method will seem prehistoric after using this patented tool.


No vibration and built-in safety mechanisms that protect the operator during use.

2 IN 1

Faster than an impact and accurate like a hydraulic tool. One tool does the job from start to finish.

Quick ROI

Save time and money by using less tools and finishing bolting jobs in half the time of the previous method.

FLIP Features

  • More Power for Rundown
  • Over 100 ft-lbs at High Speed
  • Available up to 3,100 ft-lbs
  • Torque/Tension Compatible
  • Compatitble for Wheel Bolting
  • Ultra Durable Aerospace Materials

When used in conjuction with a HYTORC Reaction Washer™ the FLIP features:

  • Low weight
  • No vibration
  • Safe for the operator
  • Reaction arm free
  • 1600 RPM Rundown
  • Back-up wrench free
  • Torque/Tension Compatible